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At J & P Richardson Industries Pty. Ltd we are committed to ensuring that the activities of our Company will improve the sustainable values of our employees, customers, and the environment.

We will develop, implement, and maintain management systems for sustainable development that will drive continual improvement thus acknowledging the interdependence of financial returns, the environment, and social benefits.

Our Values for Sustainable Development are:

  • Conduct all Company operations in an efficient, effective, and financially sustainable way,
  • Provide a safe, healthy, and rewarding work environment for our employees,
  • Respect, communicate, and work with the people and worksites in which our business operates,
  • Uphold ethical business practices and meet or, where less stringent than our own standards, exceed applicable legal and other requirements,
  • Understand, promote, and uphold fundamental human rights within our sphere of influence,
  • Optimise eco-efficiency by focusing on the efficiency of energy consumption, and where practicable, maximising the reuse, recovery, and recycling of any waste,
  • Consider the environmental impacts of product lifecycle in all of our operational activities, values and land use aspects in our operational activities; and
  • Regularly review our performance.

In implementing this commitment, we will engage with and support our employees and customers in sharing the responsibility for meeting our requirements and targets.