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Quality (3rd Party Accredited)

J & P Richardson Industries Pty. Ltd. provides a diverse range of electrical and mechanical services and products to the Mining, Industrial, Commercial and Government sectors. Activities include procurement, project management, design, installation, training, programming, maintenance and repair of PLC and SCADA systems, electrical substations and distribution systems, communication and data systems, switchboards, control panels, control stations, sheet metal products, water supply and sewage pumping equipment.

Our objective is to provide services and products whose quality will ensure customer satisfaction, contractual compliance, and will conform to all relevant regulatory requirements.

We accept as part of our operating philosophy that quality is the prime responsibility of each and every employee.

Quality awareness amongst our employees is fostered through effective training programs, the encouragement to identify opportunities for improvement, and the initiation of corrective and preventive actions where required.

To achieve our aims we have a certified Quality Management System that allows for continual improvement. This has been planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions and we are responsive to the legislative requirements within society.

The Company's Quality Management System complies with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2008 “Quality Management Systems- Requirements” and is subjected to continual improvement so that its effectiveness can be maintained as conditions or regulatory requirements evolve.

All levels of management, supervisory and other personnel must support this Quality Management System as such actions are essential to the long term success, competitiveness and reputation of our Company.

JPR Quality