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Occupational Health and Safety (3rd Party Accredited)

The commitment of J & P Richardson Industries Pty. Ltd. is to achieve high standards of occupational health and safety in all areas of its operations. To this end measurable objectives and targets have been established with the objective of eliminating work-related injuries and illnesses.

These high standards are designed to be achieved through the Company and its employees being committed and involved in the Occupational Health and Safety programs and actively taking steps to assess and control risk.

Our programmes have been developed to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and standards, with a particular emphasis on the Occupational Health and Safety of our employees. It is an obligation of all employees to understand the laws established by the appropriate standards and guidelines, while also complying with the rules and regulations contained therein on projects under their direction.

The health and safety of the general public, our own employees and other workers that are under our control, are of the utmost importance within all levels of our organisation. It is therefore held with the highest regard that all aspects of our safety programs are strictly adhered to and that the contents of our programs are followed closely.

JPR Occupational Health and Safety