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About Us

J & P Richardson Industries Pty Ltd (JPR) is a progressive and innovative company that has been providing services in the Electrical and Mechanical Contracting field since 1958. J & P Richardson has grown and developed over the years through our on-going commitment to quality, both in our performance and in our technical capability, our health and safety programs, and the continual improvement of our management systems.

Our success is due to the combined expertise of approximately 500 skilled, loyal and dedicated staff, backed by a professional and innovative management team. J & P Richardson Industries Pty. Ltd sphere of operations has evolved over the years; with our diverse range of activities, we are able to offer our clients services that ensure customer satisfaction and compliance with all regulatory and legislative requirements. Our services include:

J & P Richardson’s reputation has been built on integrity – that is the act of always doing for the customer what we say we will do. Our approach focuses on integrating the procurement, management, engineering, installation and commissioning phases of projects to ensure that they are delivered on schedule while minimising the our clients risk. We pride ourselves on providing maximum value, minimised overall cost, and assured quality for our customers.